About Valvora



What is Valvora?

Valvora started as an entrepreneurial initiative in 2013 with the goal to sell Union Pacific technology in markets beyond rail. The journey from inception to present produced a lot of learning and agility. A talented and motivated team has been established. A lean approach has been adopted and refined that stresses the importance of solving validated customer problems. A Software-as-a-Service platform has been built and matured. A culture has emerged that embraces efficiency, quality and innovation. Many products have gone through the customer discovery process and four products launched: App Station, Innovation Station, PTC Prime and TecHub in partnership with HDR.

Valvora is a group of people, a mindset, an approach, technology expertise and a culture. Valvora is actively applying experience and ability to build modern products that people value. The context changed when Valvora merged with PS Technology but the core strengths remain. Valvora brought a different skillset to the mix and tightened the focus on rail products. The combo of PS Technology and Valvora is generating new opportunities that promise to enhance future product offerings. Amidst change and evolution, the Valvora mission is unwavering - strive daily to make our customers better at what they do.

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