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All-in-One PTC Training and Testing

Changing regulations and market pressures are the reason PTC-Prime was created, a self contained, by-the-week training solution for railroads. It’s just the smart thing to do. PTC-Prime users have access to full, railroad training and testing materials derived from Class 1 railroads, and simulators.

Scalable for any Organization

Certify a handful or even thousands of your employees. The stations are small enough to fit on the top of a desk taking up little space. Before the training station arrives administrators will be able to securely assign employees training individually or in bulk. Admins will monitor, track, and schedule training easily through the training portal. Once the stations arrive, be up and training in less then 30 minutes. (internet connection required)

Realistic Simulations with Cab Inspired Controls

Using class leading graphics and accurate physics models in our simulations we are able to provide realistic train handling during training and testing. For an even more realistic training environment a 3/4 scale desktop controller comes with the training and has the feel of real train controls. The PTC interface used is emulated from the in-cab I-ETMS display, with the simulator taking care of back-office and wayside object information.

Minimal Capital Investment

No trainers, no coursework development, and no housing due to the training station being rentable, digital, and an all-in-one solution. Pay only for the training you need – when you need it. Rent PTC Trainer when employees need updated training or new employees need to be trained.

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