TecHub Pricing

Can your infrastructure project management tool do this?

TecHub users get unprecedented access and visual representation of documents, interactive GIS spatial visualizations, task status, quality control and more. All from a user-friendly, web-based interface with no additional software.

You don’t need more
software in your life.

TecHub is an ideal, online application to manage complex, multitask projects. It can be setup, deployed and maintained for an agreed-upon term to augment existing management tools and more effectively communicate project information to project team members. PS Technology and HDR have combined expertise to bring this innovative solution to you.

Why do we call it TecHub?

The user-friendly, all Web interface lets you connect to everything. Intelligently.

Specific Features

  • No software required
  • Single source of authoritative project management information available anytime, anywhere
  • Secure access to a central repository of all project documents
  • Visualize GIS spatial information and links to documents from a single interactive map
  • Integration of project management, quality control, and status reporting tasks
  • Access to real-time field data
  • Navigate and view detailed information about each project
  • Visualize the project status and progress by location
  • Print and share PDF maps or store in the Document Management module
  • Mark-up map with graphics, create PDFs, and send to team members
  • Email team members a link of the current map to discuss project
  • Link project asset geography to other modules
  • Link inspection forms and/or photos taken in the field to features on the GIS map

TecHub Pricing