Innovation Station

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Collect Ideas

Cast Votes

Critique Ideas

Employees are able to access the Innovation Station application on any company computer smartphone or personal device. Anyone can submit an idea and, just as easily, anybody can vote and comment. This can be done anonymously.


Gate #1: Endorsement

Review Analytics

Research Ideas

Pitch Idea

Once an idea receives a predetermined vote count, the innovator is granted permission to begin the investigation phase. In some cases, an executive may see an idea and fast-forward it without the votes. The innovator receives about 30 days and specified resources to explore and develop the idea leading to a final pitch to executives.


Gate #2: Approval

Persist Pivot

(3-5 Iterations)

Minimum Viable Product



If the investigation and review by a panel of judges for the business case are favorable, it moves to incubation for prototyping, or small scale testing, tweaking and validation. Not all ideas are going to be successful, and that’s ok. Some ideas are ahead of their time, but the homework has been done.


Gate #3: Promote, Pass, or Perish


Pass (Hold)


The final stage is either implementation as a new product or process improvement, or a change in status to Pass or Perish.

Ultimately, providing a trackable, analytical approach to new ideas vastly improves the innovation success rate.

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